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It took only "The Dot" to lift the spirits

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

In these challenging times we all need kindness, courage, creativity and lots of DOTS:). These are all well packed in one of my favorite picture books "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds. The Dot is a book about a little girl who is not confident in herself when it comes to drawing. However, her art teacher does something simple yet powerful that changes the girl's perspective of her ability to be creative. She encourages the girl to start with just a mark, a dot and see where it would take her. It takes her to a very own art exhibition of painted dots and an opportunity to help a little boy by following the act of kindness of her teacher.

This simple yet powerful book was the inspiration for the library and art department to join forces and spark creativity on our campus. The whole school community was connected through dots. It took a village for a successful International Dot Day celebration.

The excitement was gradually built up through sharing the story and its message during our library classes as well as engaging all students in exciting art projects across grade levels in art class. All of the dots were put together and installed in a few locations across campus. Our campus shone in myriad of bright colors. Kandinsky inspired trees, gradient dots, creative color wheels, Zentangle dots and FishEye perspective sea creatures were all merged in a multimedia display that everyone was astonished by. You could also see Ortega inspired paper sculptures and the cutest dotted stripes connecting the classrooms of our youngest students. Last but not least it was a joy to see students marveling at the visual art installation inspired by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama or the "Dot lady". What a sight! There is more though!

On September 15th students and teachers came dressed up in dots. I wish I could share photos of the creative dress up ideas boom on the day but I can assure you we all had a great time! International Dot Day was truly a special day as it brought us all together and lift the spirits of our community, a state much needed.


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