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Uplifting Stories for Grey Days

Updated: May 30, 2021

Well, I must confess that in the past few weeks I've had quite a few grey days. The uncertainty due to the pandemic, the on and off lockdowns, virtual learning, travel restrictions, hence the canceled trip home second year in a row haven't been easy, not just for me but for all of us. I try really hard to stay grounded and focus on what I can do NOW, on the things that I can control and just be.

I found out that being creative in these times is my safe heaven. I started working on the blog again, I kept experimenting with illustrations (will talk about that in another post) and I often reach out to my shelf full of picture books. I chose five for this post that I consider as uplifting stories for grey days.

Maybe: A Story About the Endless Potential in All of Us by Kobi Kamada

This one is an inspiring story for every reader. It is about who we are right now and our hidden potential we need to unwind and take advantage of all the great possibilities lying ahead of us. There will be bumps on the road but those should not stop you from living with your heart wide open. Beautifully illustrated, cozy book for when you need a boost.

If You Come to Earth by Sophie Blackall

This book is simply a piece of art. Sophie Blackall has again created an amazingly illustrated picture book that shares a story or more of a guide of our planet. Her book is a warm welcome to anyone who might come for a visit to Earth. The story and illustrations describe our Earth, its land and water, people and animals, inventions and creativity, how children learn, things people do for fun, our emotions, i.e. the beautiful diversity that exists on the glorious planet we all share and call it home.

Tomorrow Most Likely by Dave Eggers

What will tomorrow bring? Most likely a blue sky, a meal, an open door to the world, an airplane or maybe something unusual sliding around the city. Maybe even a weird looking bug looking for its friend. The day starts as usual but tomorrow can always surprise you and will likely be a great day. An amusing story that will make you chuckle with every page turn. The vibrant illustrations will definitely bring some color on a dull day.

I Wonder by K. A. Holt

When I was little I always wondered if my clothes were shrinking. Silly enough it didn't occur to me that I was actually growing (laughing). I also wondered if a puddle seems like a huge lake or an ocean for the ants. This book is full of wonders similar to the ones I had as a child. It truly picks on your imagination, curiosity and creativity. There are wonders like: I wonder..."Is cereal afraid of the spoon?" or "What if the ocean is one big water bottle?" and many others but my favorite one "I wonder if books read us, too." It is an uplifting story indeed! You can definitely lose yourself in wondering.

The Run by Barroux

This is a simple yet such a silly story with a surprise ending. It will make you laugh. Everyone is running: the lion, the polar bear, the penguins, the fox, the elephant but WHERE, WHY, Is there a fire somewhere? Apparently they all need to pee but the restroom is busy. And not just that, there is no toilet paper left. Oh boy, you better RUN!

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