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Journal of a Teacher Librarian
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About the author

I am a primary teacher librarian currently based in Singapore. My first overseas experience was in Beijing, China which was an amazing chapter of growth in my journey not only as an overseas teacher but also as a world globe trotter, parent and partner. Before heading off to the overseas adventures I was a German teacher and primary school librarian in an international school back home in Skopje, Macedonia. ​

This is my first attempt to start my own blog and site which is something I have been postponing for quite some time now. I believe I have gathered enough courage to share my thoughts, teaching practice experiences and stories about my learning journeys of growing as a teacher librarian.

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Parents Workshops Bringing Books to Life

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The Name StoryAnna 

The name of my site has an extraordinary history. Check my first blog post and find out. It's a good one, I promise. 

Recent Blog Posts

I am a teacher librarian and I wear many hats.

I play a vital role in supporting learning, teaching and literacy at the school. As an effective teacher librarian I am an advocate of diverse literature, I am tech savvy, collaborative and instructional partner, but most importantly, passionate lifelong learner and empowering leader in supporting learners become information

and digital literate individuals.

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